Chronic Edge is Chicago based original  rock band that represents a unique and addictive style of music captured by smooth and melodic qualities and expressed by driving rhythms, hard-hitting back beats, and explosive energy to form an interesting blend of music that simply “sticks in your head”. Chronic Edge is the inspiration of singer/songwriter Vince DeVincenzo, and drummer Steve Jaeger. The band strives to accomplish a single mission; to create powerful and dynamic music that reaches into the minds of a global audience. Changing line-ups and life situations are challenges faced by all bands, however, lucky timing brought about a convergence of talent with amazing chemistry and positive energy. Setting themselves apart in a music industry filled with many bands having a cookie-cutter sound; Chronic Edge has found that magic formula to create unbelievable music and to do what they love, play music. Chronic Edge has shared the stage with bands such as Enuff ‘Z Nuff, Faster Pussycat, and The Sisterhood.

Chronic Edge's mission is to bring their sound to a global audience, and in the process strive to write music that everyone can relate to in some way. In a world laden with Rap/ Hip Hop/, Pop, and Country Music, we want to show the world, those who always loved the rock from the 70's/80's era, that rock is not dead, never was, and never will be..... it just took a haitus, and will come full circle again, it is inevitable.